Receiving Solutions

Receiving stations are the first step on the fuels’ journey. Sometimes they constitute a small temporary storage as well. Receiving must be quick, it must allow for a big capacity and it must be a safe and dust-free closed system.

Correct sample, correct price

Manual sampling typically tends to error by 5–10%. BMH has developed an EU-standardised, automatic sampletaking system. It gives exact information, precludes contamination, homogenices the load, and gives the right price to the fuel. Weighing can be integrated with identifying and sample-taking.

No dust is a must

Dust is not just the slight inconvenience that it might be inside your house. In a high-tech process, it’s a much more serious matter, causing jams, production breaks and even risk of fire. BMH aims for dust-free fuel handling. It starts with receiving, where our role is to make sure our unloading processes keep the trucks and the area clean, paying close attention to the ATEX issues.

Safety first

Drive-through rear unloading and rear tipping facilities are provided with safety covers. Typically the unloading is controlled from the monitoring room, not allowing human presence in the actual unloading point.

Truck, train or ship – all is received

BMH has delivered hundreds of receiving stations to dozens of countries. There are many different ways of unloading, often depending partly on the vehicles common in the country or region. We have delivered receiving stations for them all.