ZenRobotics Recycler – world’s first robotic sorting system

ZenRobotics Recycler is the first robotic solution for efficient waste separation, sorting chosen fractions from solid waste. Currently our customers use ZRR for sorting metals, different grades of wood, various grades of minerals (gypsum, stone, concrete), rigid plastics and cardboard, but ZRR is not limited to these fractions alone. The system can also be trained to sort specific objects like tubes and pipes or even plastic bags.

Smart solution sorts out the waste problem

New technology is needed to efficiently solve an old problem. ZenRobotics Recycler revolutionizes the waste processing industry just like industrial robots changed the automobile industry. It is all about cost efficiency, 24/7 automatic recycling and increased profit through high purity. ZenRobotics has succeeded in bringing robots to work in the demanding waste management environment – an environment far too complicated and chaotic for standard robot control systems.

Advantages of next generation recycling

Automating your waste processing with smart robotics has tons of benefits. Here’s our 5 favorites: 24/7 operation for cost efficiency.  Robotic systems are highly durable and require minimal downtime or maintenance. You can run the system robustly around the clock. As additional working hours cost just little extra, you can sort materials that were not profitable to sort before. Decentralization + simple process = higher profits. ZRR can be set up in small, scalable units, reducing the need to transport waste to huge processing facilities. Also, there is no need to source separate waste streams, since ZRR can sort the waste to fractions as required. Increased profits on recyclables and reduced waste costs. High purity fractions yield better prices and easier sales of sorted materials. The process also creates savings by reducing incineration or landfill needs. Dump less, earn more. Reduced labor cost. Industrial robots work tirelessly and never ask for a raise or a coffee break. Once installed, the robots save lots of man hours every year and increase work safety by reducing personnel injuries during manual sorting. Ride the wave of the future with Best Available Technology.  ZenRobotics Recycler has the best value money can buy – both economically and in a PR sense. As an owner of ZRR, you communicate your commitment to low environmental impact, earning you advantages in public bids and permission processes as well as media interest and public goodwill.

About ZenRobotics

ZenRobotics Ltd is a high-tech company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled robotic systems. We deliver today’s technology that everybody knows is the way of the future. We believe that smart robotics and learning systems will have tons of applications in the future. As a company, ZenRobotics Ltd stands right in the intersection of two global megatrends: the revolution of smart robotics technology and the global need for ecological efficiency to fight the waste crisis. Our solution, available and shipping today, represents the best available technology in its field. Right now we are focused on Next Generation Recycling – we like to solve one major world problem at a time. Our product, the ZenRobotics Recycler, is the first commercially available robotic waste sorting system. It reclaims chosen fractions from solid waste with industrial robots and smart machine learning technology.