Internal fuel handling solutions

Every moment the boiler is not doing what it should costs a lot of money. Therefore the boiler manufacturer and the owner of the power plant are particularly careful in choosing the supplier of the internal feeding system.
BMH Technology has delivered internal fuel feeding solutions to all the major fluidised bed boiler manufacturers: Metso Power, Foster Wheeler, Austria Energy, plus many others. We will continue to be worthy of that trust. In addition to providing original systems, we have also modernised many existing systems. In addition to fuel feeding systems, BMH provides limestone and sand feeding solutions..

Where there are not excuses

What the boiler wants, the boiler gets. This is the place where no weakness or failure in the equipment is acceptable. Everything just has to work. Any chance of fuel blockage must be excluded. The BMH fuel handling solution ensures this state of affairs starting from the very beginning, the receiving station, but here we apply yet other methods of being absolutely certain. Even feeding is achieved by the correctly designed and manufactured buffer bins and feeding screws. The level measuring technology is absolutely accurate and highly automated, subordinated to the boiler automation.