Storage Solutions

BMH storage solutions are the outcome of intense product development. Whether we are talking about A-frame storage or a round silo, or even an outdoor storage facility for nondusty material, even flow in and out is an important factor. The structure itself is designed to prevent the fuel from forming an arch. The conveying system bringing the fuel from the preparation unloads evenly, avoiding clogging or jamming. And of course the storage is dust-proof.

First in, first out

BMH storage is designed to homogenise the fuel. The fuel coming from preparation is evenly unloaded to avoid clogging. The reclaiming is automated and adapted to the following process requirements. TYRANNOSAURUS® Screw Reclaimers are of a heavy-duty construction to guarantee a long lifetime. They are designed to reclaim material evenly from all parts of the storage to even further homogenise the quality. The screws are set with easily replaceable teeth for quick maintenance. Maintenance is facilitated by easy access to service points, and automatic lubrication takes place through a central lubrication unit. The screws have specially furnished linings and are made of a materials according to fuel characteristics.